Charms are a fun way to decorate your Avatar and really make your profile pop.

Summer Vibes

Celebrate the sunshine and warm weather with a selection of summertime Charms.

Bliss Flowers

Exclusive Bliss Flower Charms.

Summer Time

Enjoy the summer this July with WOLF.


Celebrate WOLF’s birthday with some unique Charms.

Represent your GCC country

Together we are one, brining you the latest Khaleeji Charms.

Horoscope Charms

Kickstart the #newyear #newme by showcasing your horoscope!

Winter Collection

Celebrating the colder months of the year with this collection of winter-themed Charms. Only available until January 2nd 2021.

October: Spooktober

Charms to inspire shock and awe this Halloween

National Flags

Wear your country's national flag with pride.

English Football Shirts

A collection of football shirts for some of England's biggest teams.

European Football Shirts

A collection of football shirts for some of Europe's best-known teams.

MENA Football Shirts

A collection of football shirts featuring teams from the MENA region.


Let someone know you are thinking about them on their special day.


A collection of Idols featured in BattleStars! Who will you choose?


Embrace the WOLF vibe with these unique Charms.

Gifting Essentials

Essential reactions to express how you feel.


Whether it be romance or deep friendship, express how you feel about your closest and dearest.


Happiness, friendship and love; those who say it best, say it with flowers.

User Charms

A unique collection of user-created Charms.


Express your style or gift one to that lucky someone; they’ll love you for it.


Add some sparkle to your Avatar or send someone an extra special gift.


No matter how you are feeling, express your mood with an Emoticon.


A varied collection of talismans that symbolise prosperity, good health, protection and of course, good luck.


Express the special bond between you and your friends.


A selection of Charms featuring animals, great and small.

Stay at Home

A series of Charms to show solidarity during COVID-19.

Anime Emoticons (Boy)

Express yourself with this funky collection of Japanese inspired emoticons.

Anime Emoticons (Girl)

Express yourself with this funky collection of Japanese inspired emoticons.

The March Collection

Eid Al Adha

Celebrate the 'Festival of the Sacrifice' with our second offering of Eid Charms.

Festive Fun

A selection of special Charms for our Christmas Treasure Hunt!

Halloween 2022

A collection of our Halloween 2022 charms.

Women’s Festival

Celebrating female talent, the world over!

Masquerade - November

A selection of masks that will keep your face hidden at the ball or (allegedly) help avoid the plague!

December: Festive Greetings

A set of Charms to give you that festive feeling.

Aseel Hamim Charms

A selection of charms to show your love for Aseel Hamim

Poetry Charms

Share your love for poetry, with a special collection designed to gift your favourite poets or showcase your love for poetry.


The collection for the stars, enjoy the shows and react with your favourite charms.

Summer Nights

Making memories every summer night.

Football Shirts

Bringing football to WOLF, represent your favourite team

Nostalgia Collection

Look back to the good old days from traditional games, music and movies.

July: Summer Sweetness

Check out our line-up of Charms to keep you cool in the summer. Only available until the end of July!

September: The Classy Collection

Dapper adornments for all you fancy fellows and females.

February: Valentine's Charms

Love is in the air this month with a collection of Valentine's Charms to celebrate the occasion. Available until the end of the month.

Dandana Festival

A festival to celebrate grassroot talent in WOLF.

September Charms of the Month

A month to share gratitude and happiness.


Beware all the ghouls and ghosts on the scariest night of the year!

Valentine's Day 50% Rep Promo

Celebrate the most romantic day of the year with a range of unique, love-themed Charms.

Eid ul Fitr

Celebrate the breaking of the fast with these delicious Charms.