Charms are a fun way to decorate your Avatar and really make your profile pop.

National Flags

Wear your country's national flag with pride.

English Football Shirts

A collection of football shirts for some of England's biggest teams.

European Football Shirts

A collection of football shirts for some of Europe's best-known teams.

MENA Football Shirts

A collection of football shirts featuring teams from the MENA region.

Summer Vibes

Celebrate the sunshine and warm weather with a selection of summertime Charms.


Let someone know you are thinking about them on their special day.


A collection of Idols featured in BattleStars! Who will you choose?


Embrace the WOLF vibe with these unique Charms.

Gifting Essentials

Essential reactions to express how you feel.


Whether it be romance or deep friendship, express how you feel about your closest and dearest.


Happiness, friendship and love; those who say it best, say it with flowers.

User Charms

A unique collection of user-created Charms.


Express your style or gift one to that lucky someone; they’ll love you for it.


Add some sparkle to your Avatar or send someone an extra special gift.


No matter how you are feeling, express your mood with an Emoticon.


A varied collection of talismans that symbolise prosperity, good health, protection and of course, good luck.


Express the special bond between you and your friends.


A selection of Charms featuring animals, great and small.

Stay at Home

A series of Charms to show solidarity during COVID-19.

Masquerade - November

A selection of masks that will keep your face hidden at the ball or (allegedly) help avoid the plague!