Thank you for Participating!

Open Beta not for you? Ready to go back to the current build? No problem...

We'd like to thank you for participating in our Open Beta Programme and helping shape the future of WOLF!

From the App

Every time you launch an Open Beta (from v9.0 or higher), you'll see a welcome screen.

At the bottom of this screen is a button to "Revert to Store Build. This will bring you to this page."

The exact process is different for each platform (iOS or Android):

iOS Instructions

If you are on an iOS device, this link will take you to the WOLF product page on the Apple App Store. Here you can download the last commercial version of the app. This will overwrite your Open Beta version.

Click here for the iOS

Android Instructions

If you are on an Android device, please follow these steps:

  1. Follow this link to Google Play to Opt Out of the Beta Programme
  2. On your device, delete the WOLF Beta App
  3. Follow this link back to Google Play to Download the Commercial Version