Über Palringo

Unsere Geschichte

Back in 2006, long before anyone had even heard of the App Store, 21 year-old Martin Rosinski developed an instant messaging tool for his father's engineering company in Newcastle. Fast-forward to today and Palringo has grown and transformed into a leading platform for mobile communities all around the world.

With over 27 million users across 350,000 user created social groups, Palringo connects users around the world to chat and play games. Our users build communities based on shared interests, be it playing Clash of Clans, a love of cheeseburgers or learning languages.

At Palringo we believe that most games are better when you play together and against others as a group. We call this 'Community Gaming' and work with our developers to create both games played in the Palringo app and external mobile games with a community focus.

Headquartered in London, with offices across the UK, the Palringo team is made up of 43 weird and wonderful people from all around the world.

For any marketing and PR enquiries please email marketing@palringo.com